The best rices in Denia

In ‘Veles e Vents’ Ausiàs March poet spoke of the strength of the winds and the sea, the character that these tow elements can imprint and how they can make to dream, navigate, work and event suffer. In the same spirit, knowing the influence of these elements on earth, we cook and create in Las Bairetas Dénia.

Our team consists of experienced people and also for people with momentum. We all put our desire and effort in the kitchen and service. Las Bairetas Dénia, from the kitchen to the bar and the room let itself fill with light and the flavor of the land and sea to transmit in each of their dishes. We like the cuisine, fresh, and made ​​from the vicinity. Simple but delicious, and that’s what we taste and what we receive when we visit.

* Las Bairetas Dénia not admits online or email reservations. To book, call 96 642 28 91 or visit us at calle La Mar 5 of Dénia. Sorry for the inconvenience