Las Bairetas Chiva

The place where he grew up as a cook chef and conductor in Las Bairetas Dénia, Rafa Margós. Arrocería Las Bairetas in Chiva, has its seed in a family dedicated to working the rice for decades with care, with respect, tradition and flavorful. From Paellas Margós, business paellas custom started by Rafael Margós and Ana Benzal until Las Bairetas Chiva, have spent years of study, improvement and passion.

Las Bairetas Chiva is, as its Dianense sister” class member Km.0 Slow Food Valencia, and in it, as its target account, you can enjoy above all, a very big and tasty rice made firewood. Therefore, they are already recognized by the Wikipaella group, and have even been visited and curiosity of different means of Spanish and foreign media.

Pablo Margós is the current head chef Arroceria The Bairetas, while Marcos Margós, the rice master, ensures that all details are correct to serve his signature dish, and Rodrigo Margós, the sommelier and head waiter, they guide, advise and make your lunch or dinner more enjoyable.