The sea, the market, the earth … will be our pantry and refrigerator. The proximity with Dénia’s fish market and its municipal market will make our offer, we want you to enjoy a careful, authentic, fresh food nearby. We believe in the direct suppliers, in kilometer zero kitchen and in the wide variety of products, colors and flavors that the earth and the sea, and its people, offered in this place. Rice, fish, meats and vegetables chosen spot, cooked with joy and respect, that in our dining room you feel comfortable and happy. And a loaf of delicious tapas to enjoy whenever you want even more variety.

The winery is also chosen to complete perfectly the gastronomic spirit that Las Bairetas Dénia wants to bring to their customers.

Currently we work with tasting menu, both at noon and at night. Following our taste for fresh and local, our menus change daily and seasonally, always taking into account the highest quality product available in the market and the market every day and every season.